A Little Something About Me

   Here's a little something about me that you might find interesting. Or not. It's really up to you but personal, I like it.

    I'm really into music, which of course, would lead me to poetry and writing my own. However, I like to write dark poetry. It's not that I want to seem scary weird or creepy weird. I mean, I am weird but not that way. I just like to express myself differnetly and music is my getaway, so I express myself musically.

    Well anyway, here's one of many "okay" editions. I hope you like it as much as I do.


I like to be left ALONE
Because no one understands me
Silence is my ZONE
It's where I like to be

I like to be left in DARKNESS
There's nothing that can HURT me
I sit around in NOTHINGNESS
I've been to places no other persons' seen

I like to be left with MUSIC
The beats are different from that of my FRACTURED
The condition I have is nontherapeutic
I wish there was a button that could REASTART

I like to be left with my artwork
It's an expression of myself on paper
Me and these DARK things share the same nature

I like to be left with my thoughts
So that I might STRAIGHTEN them
But I'm always caught up at a LOSS
I am stuck with this MADNESS, I am CONDEMNED

I like to be left in silence
It's a WARM and SOOTHING coma
To LIGHT, the DARKNESS carries defiance
With it, I don't need a persona

I've shown you my poetry but you can't really SEE the author. So I thought this might help. You know, another little something about me. 

My Bio

Quirky, Funny, Artist, Musician
Daughter of Tammi and Clinton
Anime, Pigs, Raccons, Manga
Quiet, Cheerful, Fangirl
Forgotten, Lost, Addiction
Who Co-wrote "After Math"
Want To Make A Movie & Write A Book
A Small Town In Texas

Ain't I The Cutest

This is baby "Me". Cute, huh? I think "BABYBUILDER" really captured the baby Jaylen. I was real silly but extreme bad and hid it with my huge, brown eyes. Now that I think about it, I still do. Old habits die hard, I guess. Anyway, she is a near replica of me. I loved books, still do, and she has a journal. I enjoyed drawing, writing poetry and short stories.

If you'd like to travel back to the past and capture the true baby you, visit this website http://babybuilder.storksmovie.com/
Hope you have fun. ;D

"Music? Am I right?!!"

Remember my post on music? Well, if you need to go back and read it...Don't worry, I'll wait.

Anyway, I was born with an expanded sence for music. Poetry, beats, clapping or singing in the shower when your sibling are constantly pleading for you to stop or they flush the toilet. (That can't just be me, can it?)
When I hear music, I'm weird, I don't necessarily hear the lyrics. I hear the beat and that touches me because to find the right background takes time and it also tells a story as do the lyrics.
My point is, I want to share some more of my poetry and as I said before,"You may not like it but I think it's kind of cool."

A Lurking Blackness

It hides within my head
It oozes and It spreads

It whispered in my ear
It's thoughts are now mine too
It will sometimes DISAPPEAR
But somehow the BLACKNESS grew

It's whisper now a horrid SCREAM
It's idea of fun is wrong
It urges me to go bad things

But when my thoughts
And emotions interlace
My stomach knots
And I see It's face

It's eyes gouged from their sockets
It's smile a HELLISH grin
It's cheeks SUNKEN pockets
It wears a ripplingtwisted skin

But as terrifying as It may appear
I've caught myself basking in It's reflection
In It I deeply revere
I feel a certain warmth and affection

I won't surrender my zeal for the BLACKNESS
It's presents is all that keeps me sane
retreat into It's endless darkness
It ismy shelter that muffles PAIN

Once consumed in It's endless pleasure
The BLACKNESS pounces and takes It's chance
It terrorizes and torments as It's leisure
It walks an overjoyed, fiendish prance

But then the delightfulsoothing coma resides
There is no feeling nor is there color
Sadly when I wake the BLACKNESS hides
And then theres PAIN, a sickeningunwanted smother

But I know when It's rest is over
It will return
And help regain my composure
Plus hush the haunting burn

For the BLACKNESS is my friend
It silences all the bad
My mind It tends
And for the BLACKNESS I'm entirely glad


Drawings My Thing

Some people just have a have an act for art. Personally, I don't think I have it but I like to draw and that's just as great. So, feast your eyes on the ART!
(I had to white-out my name)

Check Out This Video 

Photo Art

Photo Poetry

Image result for fire on a match

Fire is seen when no one can see
Fire can thrive where nothing eles can
Fire is free
One of the first sins made by man
Fire describes me

Fire is strong and hostile
Fire is not docile
It will not be soothed back to sleep
Fire is not for us to keep
It is solitary and it is free
And thats why Fire, it describes me


  1. Hello, Yasha17! I absolutely love your blog and creativity. Your avatar is really cute. That site is one of my favorite avatar creators. There is nothing cuter than babies of all different species. Those baby brown eyes would work me over as well. I am sure you got away with just about everything! Pure cuteness!

    Keep working hard on your blog!! It is amazing!

  2. Simply Beautiful. You are an enigma. I have a hunch that you have so much to offer this world and keep it going.

    Best wishes.

    Mrs. Trivedi-Ziemba


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